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Name:Due South 6 Degrees Snippets
Posting Access:Anybody
Community description:Short fic related to due South & Canadian Six Degrees.
What’s the deal?

Weekly challenges to write drabbles and teeny tiny ficlets in any of the due South 6 degrees fandoms. This includes RPF, Canadian movies, Canadian television and Canadian music. It also includes non-Canadian productions featuring due South actors--so all those little David Marciano fics you've been itching to write? Go right ahead.

6 degrees isn't easy to define, but our rule of thumb is fic must feature someone who was in a production with a dS cast regular. Still in doubt? Ask us.

Each week, we'll post three to six prompts; choose as many as you like to write no more than THREE fics for that challenge. Snippets can be in any dS 6 degree fandom. Slash, het, and gen are all welcome. You must use the prompts as inspiration but are not required to include exact prompt dialogue, etc.

Each Sunday night, a challenge will close and a new set of prompts will be posted.

Is there a LiveJournal version? We are no longer using the original community, ds_snippets. It has been backed up to this DW community for archival purposes.

Is there a Tumblr version? We experimented with a Tumblr version, <a href="</a>, but it is currently dormant due to lack of interest. <b>Why a snippet community?</b> There are lots of great due South and 6 degrees comms out there. But sometimes we don’t feel like committing to a whole story, or even to a genre. This is a place to play around with writing short stuff, and see if we can make a story really pop using only a few words. Plus, the world always needs more fanfic. We also love the idea of another place for the whole 6 degrees fandom to play. <b>What are the rules?</b> Cross-posting is fine, as are links to individual journals. It’d be nice if people mentioned the challenge when they post their fic to other places. This is a place for short fics, so we’ve got a few rules that you may not see elsewhere. 1. No single fic can be more than 300 words long. 2. The 'no more than 3 snippets per week' rule has been rescinded. There is currently no limit on the number of snippets one person can post in a given week. HOWEVER, try to stick to the spirit of snippet-writing! Related snippets or series are fine, just don't go overboard with it. 3. Posting is open to all members, but please keep it topical. Completed fic and requests for betas are good; discussions of the beauty of CKR’s hands are entertaining but inappropriate. 4. Late posting is not allowed. We will run occasional Amnesty Challenges. 5. Because this is a multi-fandom, multi-pairing, multi-rating kind of place, please cut-tag any fic entries. In general, this is the preferred format: [POST TITLE] Fic title OR prompt and author’s name [HEADER INFO WITHIN POST] Title: Fandom and Pairing: Rating: Length: Prompt: [lj-cut] Author’s Notes: FIC! [lots of space and then a separate cut tag with any warnings beneath it (if necessary)] 6. Please tag entries with fandom and challenge information. Your friendly neighborhood mods will add any fandom tags that don’t already exist. 7. Snippets may be posted friends-locked (RPF, for example). <b>Anything else?</b> We’re always looking for new prompt ideas — feel free to comment on the current prompt post.
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